My Process

Capture | Authentic | Moments

To me Photography is all about moments. The power of a single moment is undeniable. With every every wedding I capture, portrait session I do, and with every single picture I take the idea of capturing a beautiful, intimate, and authentic moment is always in the forefront of my minds. I always say, "My favorite photos are the photos in-between the photos." These are the pictures you don't expect. The pictures taken when you're not looking. They are the picture taken while you're "in the moment" 

During each session I want to allow you to be true to yourself. I want to get to know the real, the authentic you through the pictures I take. I want to experience you, your family, and your friends with all their flaws, quirks, and personalities. I want to capture the real, authentic YOU. 

Now this doesn't mean I sit quietly in the background all the time. On you wedding day or during your photo session there will be many times when I direct you to do something. However, my direction may look a little differently then other photographers you've worked with in the past. I'll give you simple prompts to interact with your loved ones. I'll crack a joke and catch you laughing. I don't believe creating moments, but I do believe in the magic that happens when you create a space for moments to happen.