Invest In Future Memories

"Photography is a language more universal than words"

- Minor White


Photography Is An Investment; one that is not taken lightly by myself. I approach every photo with the idea that this is a memory that someone put time and money into having captured. I look at every moment of a wedding day or photo session as an investment into memories. That's the beauty of a photograph, it's timeless. Long after I retire and spend my days playing golf and bingo (I don't actually enjoy either) your memories will live on. They are more than just an instagram or facebook post. Your memories are timeless pieces of history that your grandchildren and their grandchildren will enjoy. 

Wedding photography is not just an investment for a days work and some pretty photos. It's an investment into the future. It's an investment into your future. 




Your Investment



Wedding Photography Starting at $1,300


Wedding Films Starting at $2,500


Engagement Photos Starting at $350

Engagement Films Starting at $600

Family Photos Starting at $300