5 Tips To Help You Find The Right Wedding Planner For You

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

So you've gotten engaged! Congratulations!! I'm sure you have already started looking through wedding blogs and Pinterest and have hundreds if not thousands of ideas to make your wedding day special. Your dream of a princess, rustic, minimalist, elopement wedding is really starting to come into focus, but as reality sets in you may be realizing the daunting task that planning this all can be. That's when a wedding planner comes in! I like to call these noble men and women the fairy godmother/godfathers of the wedding business. They are the ones that take your grand dream and not only make it a reality, but transform it into what you never dreamed your dream could be.

So how do you pick your fairy godmother? Sadly it's not quite like Cinderella. They will not just appear on your front door step in a magic pumpkin carraige. You are going to have to do some research and make some calls, but I promise in the end it's definitely worth it.

Here are five ways to choose the perfect wedding planner for you and your style.


Of all the vendors your wedding planner is the one you spend the most time with. He or she is not only with you on your wedding day, but the months leading up to it. If you can't get along with them don't hire them.

So what should you look for?

A Servants Heart.

A great wedding planner is not proud. They are there to serve and honor the couple. The same goes for any vendor you hire. You should always look for a servants heart. Are they willing to go above and beyond? Are they willing to serve you in a loving way? Are they not afraid to get their hands dirty? These are all great questions to ask yourself as you meet with your potential wedding planners.


This is really important. Most wedding planners can accomplish multiple styles, but they will almost always have a favorite. Don't be afraid to ask them what that is. Look through their website and social media. What styles do you see there? Are there things you like? Are there things you don't like? Be sure to take notes and talk to your wedding planner about them. This will give them a better picture of what your vision is.


For many this can be a deal breaking question. Be sure to ask for their cost breakdown when meeting with potential wedding planners. Keep in mind that hiring a wedding planner can often save you money in the end. Wedding planners often know other vendors in the biz and on occasion they can work out special deals with their favorite vendors. They also have connections with decor companies and will often know tips and tricks to keep your budget intact. If your budget is important to you don't be afraid to ask how they can save you money while still creating your dream day.


Always check out their reviews. There are many great wedding sights such as wedding wire and the knot that allow people to post reviews of their wedding vendors. Take full advantage of these. Reviews are your friends! Look at the highlights, the 5 star reviews. What are people saying they do really well? Look at the lows, the 1-3 star reviews. What are people saying they could improve on? Are any of those a deal breaker?

One quick note here...

Don't right of someone for one or two bad reviews. Everyone makes mistakes. You can politely ask your potential wedding planner about any concerns you have. A review never tells the full story. Ask to hear their side. Ask what they learned from the situation. One or two bad reviews does not define a wedding vendor. Don't miss out on finding your perfect one because of it.


Do they understand your vision? Are they willing to collaborate and create something great, or do they have a vision of their own? Would you trust them enough to let go and allow them the freedom to create? As you meet with potential wedding planners ask for their opinion. Ask them how they feel about your color pallet. Ask them their thoughts on your venue. As you ask them questions about your day you will begin to see whether they get it or not.

But don't be afraid to take advice. Most wedding planners know what they're doing. They've seen many weddings and know what works and what does not. Don't confuse constructive input with not getting your vision.

Now you are prepared to tackle the task of choosing a wedding planner perfect for you.

Here are two of my favorites...



"Gina Marie Weddings & Events is an inclusive wedding planning company specializing in all types of love! We work collaboratively with our clients to create their special day uniquely tailored to their personalities. Our mail goal is for our couples to remember this day is about them and to leave all those nitty gritty details to us! Wedding planning is where our passion and expertise collide. We're suckers for love, and seeing two individuals together on one of the happiest days of their lives brings us immense joy. We thrive in creative and collaborative environments and look to build a relationship with each client."



"I do what I do because I love planning and I love working with people. Planning a wedding day isn’t like planning any other day, there are just so many small details that it really takes a lot of time and organization to truly understand not only a couples style but their wedding day vision and budget as well. One of my favorite moments of my job is during the wedding day when the clients walk into the reception room during the cocktail hour’s room reveal (where most of the wedding day is done) and they’re standing in the middle of the room with all of the decor done and a year of planning and they’re like wow, you really did it, you made this whole day exactly what I dreamed of…and to me at that moment, to be able to be part of a day so special that people have literally dreamed of since they were a kid, truly makes the job so amazing and that’s why I truly love doing it."