3 Tips To Take Cute Pictures Of Your Toddler

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

We all love to capture memories, and with kids there are so many to capture. From the first breathes your newborn takes to the day they throws their cap in the air signifying their great accomplishment of graduating there are thousand of beautiful moments waiting to be cherished.

This can be challenging with little ones. Toddlers don't often stay in one place for very long, and when they do they aren't always making the cutest faces. So how do you get cute smiling photos of your little one? Here's three tips that I think might help.

1. Do Something They Love

It's easy to get a smile when your toddler is out enjoying life. My little one loves puffs (Kids Cereal). So I set up a quick photoshoot in my patio and just fed her puffs. She had an absolute blast, ate a snack, and I got some adorable photos. #multitasking!!!

2. Get Outside

Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure given the chance any toddler will love to get outside and run around for a bit. This not only gives them a fun activity to do, but it also gives you more light to capture those sweet family moments in. I set up a tent in my backyard and Hosanna had a blast!

Another great benefit of this is that once you bring them back inside. They are ready for a nap and you are ready for a glass of wine and a relaxing afternoon.

3. Embrace The Imperfections

Toddlers and any child for that matter can be very messy. In the blink of an eye they can go from cute church clothes to a dirty ball of mud. This can get frustrating sometimes. As someone who has to pay to do laundry it definitely bugs me. However, despite the mess and the laundry bill I love photos like these of my little girl getting into mischief.

It's easy to freak out over every little detail and try to create a perfect picture, but I've found that there is perfection in the imperfections. There is beauty in the blemishes. And there is sweetness in the stains.

So no matter how messy or how wild your toddler is embrace it, Get outside, and spend sometime having fun. Moments are made precious by memories and memories are created by loving people enjoying time together.

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