Our First Family Pictures in Years

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hey Friends! One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being able to take part in intimate moments of peoples lives. Whether it is capturing magnificent maternity moments or photographing winsome wedding wishes come true, it is always an honor. I truly has been awesome to take part in so many beautiful memories, but I think this photo session takes the cake. Read Sasha's inspiring family story below.

"My names is Sasha. I met Josh through our church, Calvary Chapel Plantation. I was in the café at our church and I saw his wife and their daughter. I was speaking to her because I remember a year before we were together in the cafe speaking about children because I have four. It’s was such a blessing to see her with their baby girl a complete year later. We started speaking about Josh and his photography and how I used to do it too. I stopped once my husband passed away. I actually stopped taking family photos all together."

"To be honestly it was something I kept putting off because of the pain of not having my husband in our future family photos. I knew I couldn’t do that forever. I needed to take family photos. I owed it to my children and myself. Josh and I set up a session and we took amazing family photos. He has a lot of patience and a great eye. We took lovely photos and as an added bonus I was able to take pictures with my 92 year old grandmother. So we had four generations in a family photo. I can not thank Josh and his lovely wife enough for the photos. Beautiful new loving memories."

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