Joshua & Kenisha's High Flying Proposal | iFly Fort Lauderdale 12.30.2019

I myself, have never been sky diving whether in a clear tube or out the side of a plane. I can only imagine the wind blowing so fast against your skin that it feels as if it might all just fall off. I would definitely like to try it though. I'm sure my wife would love it. She's naturally more of the thrill seeker in this family. Sometimes I feel as if she would try anything. From weird food to crazy thrill rides she's down for it. As for me, I'm not even that big a fan of water slides. I might go down a small one. #kidypool But as for the crazy stuff at islands of adventure and other such places, I'll pass.

That however, was not the case for this couple. Josh had the amazing / crazy idea to propose at iFly Fort Lauderdale, a place where gravity is more of a funny joke than a force of nature. I still can't believe what he did. To be honest it makes me re-think my proposal pretty hard, but what are you gonna do? We're already married. Anyways, this crazy couple did it right! I can't wait to see what they come up with for their wedding! I'm totally down for a hang gliding elopement!! Well, maybe I'll photograph it from the safety of a helicopter. lol

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