How To Make The Most Out Of Your Photoshoot!

Getting ready for a photoshoot can be a daunting process. But with these simple tips and tricks you can look and feel your best and rock your photoshoot!

Be On Time

One of the most important things you can do to enhance your photoshoot is to simply be on time. If you do that you are already a step ahead of the rest and on your way to some amazing images.

Rushed photos are rough photos. You just don’t feel your best when you know you are running behind. Neither does your photographer. He needs the time to help you look your best, and you need time to loosen up in order to take that perfect shot.

Another thing to remember here is that your stress shows on camera. One of the magical things about photography for me is the ability to capture raw emotion. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with photography. Often times what we are thinking about shines through in a photo more than what we are doing or what emotion we are displaying with our face. It’s harder for us to smile naturally when we are thinking about all the things we need to do when we get home, or how we only have 15 minutes left of what was supposed to be an hour photo session.

That brings me to the most important reason to be on time. When you are late you miss out on all that time that you are paying for. No one likes wasting money. I know I certainly don’t. So why waste money on something so important as capturing memories for you and your family?

Hair & Make Up

I think the biggest advice I can give in this area is don’t be afraid to hire a pro. I for one just cannot ever seem to get my hair to look as nice as when my barber styles it… It doesn’t matter if I buy the same shampoo, gel, razors, or combs. He just does it better than me. The same thing applies for women’s hair and makeup. I’ve seen non-professionals do an amazing job. Heck, my wife didn’t hire a pro for our wedding and she looked gorgeous! However, if you want your photos to be one step above the rest it’s worth it to hire a professional. I know paying for professional hair and make up isn’t cheap, but if you are already paying for amazing photos why not make them as amazing as possible?

Now here are some simple tips you can implement when hiring a pro or doing it all yourself.


A fresh hair cut always looks great right?

Well, not always. It’s best to get your hair cut or trimmed 1-2 weeks before your photoshoot. A fresh haircut can sometimes appear choppy or have sharp lines. These may look good in person, but they don’t always transfer well on camera.

Take the weather into account

No matter when you get your haircut done, it’s always important to take the weather into account when choosing a hair style. Some locations can be windy, hot, cold, or humid. These all can have an impact on hair. If you really want to show of your long flowy hair, but your shoot is in a location known to be extremely windy an “up do” might be a better choice. If you really want to straighten your hair, but you shoot is in some place hot and humid (A.K.A. Florida) leaving your hair natural might be a better choice. No matter what hair style you end up choosing just be aware of the impact the elements have on it.

Bring Extras

No matter what it is holding your hair in place; bobby pins, hair ties, gel, or hairspray; bring extras. You never know when one of your precious bobby pins might decide to make it’s escape or when your hair spray may sigh its last breath and let go. It’s always beneficial to have extras of those things keeping your look together. I try to always carry a back pack with some of these things, but I may not have the exact clip, spray, or goo you need. It’s always best to have some of your own ready for the instance that something gives.


Less is more

In my experience as a photographer make up can often look exaggerated on camera. What may look good in person can sometimes come across as too much in a photo. The reason for this is that though cameras are designed to capture and represent reality they often don’t… Contrast that our eyes would not perceive in real life is added. Most modern cameras capture detail in a way that our human eyes cannot. A photo is a up close look into the human face that we just don’t get in everyday life. Therefore, a normal amount of makeup, can look a little thick when captured in a photo.

With that here are some basic tips and tricks to use when doing your make up!

Always use primer

Just like you would not paint your house or car without first applying a coat of primer, you should never do your makeup without applying the same care to your face. A light coat of primer will do two things for your makeup. First it simply allows it to last longer. This is extremely important as many times we will find ourselves outside for an hour or more during a photoshoot. The second great thing it does is lessen the appearance of your makeup and any fine lines. This can give you a younger and more natural look.

Skin Tone, Skin Tone, Skin Tone

One of the biggest things you can do to make sure you look your best is to choose a foundation and concealer that matches your skin tone. In person 1 or 2 shades brighter or darker doesn’t hurt. In fact, it can sometimes even make your skin look better. This is not the case in photos. Those subtle changes in tone can appear as harsh shadows and lines on your face! No one likes that… That means its time to throughout that old concealer you bought last summer when you spent every day at the beach.

Contouring & Highlighting

While this may not be something you do every day, you should always put that little bit of extra effort in for your photoshoot. This can be a somewhat difficult thing to do if you are not used to it. You could possibly consider having a friend who is a makeup wizard do it, or you could hire a pro. Either way, this is an important part of your photoshoot ready make up. It adds definition and slims your face when done well.


Don’t be afraid to get your eyebrows waxed or plucked before your photoshoot. It can really give shape and definition to your eyes. Just make sure you do it a few days before to allow for any redness or irritation to dissipate. You can also consider using an eyebrow filler depending on the color of your hair and the look you’re going for.

Blend, Baby Blend

I cannot stress this enough. Make sure you have blended everything. Many lines that we can barely notice in the mirror are very noticeable on camera. So, it’s important to take that beauty blender and blend, baby blend.

Consider Using a Setting Spray

As it can be common for us to be outside for an hour or more during a photoshoot it is a good idea to use a setting spray. All this will do is add an extra layer of hold to your look; keeping the sweat from melting you make up.

Bring Extras

Just like your hairstyle there are certain things needed for you makeup look to work. Always make sure to have extras of these essentials on hand. Lip stick / gloss, mascara, concealer, etc.

Know Your Skin

Last but not least I think the most important tip is to know your skin. Only you know how your skin responds to certain makeup and looks. You know exactly how long any given brand of mascara will last on your face without running. This is definitely not the time to try out something new. Stick with the things you know and what works for you and your skin.


Sexy Doesn’t Mean Uncomfortable

Just because you want to look your best does not mean you have to feel your worse… It’s important to find clothes that both look and feel good. Your face turning blue because of lack of oxygen will show up more in a photo than your skin-tight denim. Often in my photos I like to have my subject move around. Sometimes we do crazy activities such as couples picking each other up or running together. These moments make for great memories and I would choose a memory over a certain outfit any day.

Take Weather into Account

Like I’ve said before, we are at the mercy of nature. Many times, it can rain when we don’t want it. It can also be very hot and humid. Just be sure to take that into consideration when choosing an outfit. If it looks like it’s going to rain on the day of our shoot maybe take advantage of it and wear rain boots. If your photoshoot is on a hot and humid day at the beach maybe opt for shorts instead of jeans.

Just Be Yourself

The most important thing to remember as far as outfits go, is to just be yourself. YOU are who YOU are supposed to be. So, dress how YOU would dress! There’s no point in getting dressed up in a suit or a cocktail dress if that’s not you. Be who YOU are and be proud! The best picture of YOU will always be of YOU being YOU.

Realize This Is All For Fun

This brings me to my last but most important point. JUST HAVE FUN! All this stuff can be very distracting and stressful. The important thing to remember is the reason you booked a photographer is because there is someone that you love and you want to capture memories with them. These memories will be beautiful, they will be quirky, they might even be a little strange, but they will be your memories. And to me that’s a whole lot of fun!