How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer For You

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be a daunting task. Like the rest of wedding planning it can involve hours of googling, mounds of contact forms, and countless phone calls. No one told you planning a wedding would be this difficult huh?…

So what is the perfect wedding photographer? How do you find the right person to trust with the capturing of what will become your most treasured memories? What questions should you ask? And how will you know when you’ve found the right one?

Well to be honest idk…


There are no right or wrong answers here. Wedding photography like any art is subjective. My opinion on photography and weddings in general is subjective. Each couple has its own unique needs and challenges. Every wedding has its own theme, and every person has their own favorite photography style.

THE GOOD NEWS IS there are literally thousands of wedding photographers out there all with their own unique style, price point, and approach to capturing a wedding.

So how do you find the right one for you?

Here’s some of my best tips on finding the photographer that’s right fit you!

  1. Your Photographer Should Have The Heart Of A Teacher!

A good wedding photographer takes nice pictures, but a great photographer teaches.

A great wedding photographer is someone who can not only capture amazing images, but can teach you something along the way. Planning a wedding can be tough. Your wedding photographer should be equipped to help answer some of your unanswered questions and concerns. After all we go to weddings every weekend we should no a thing or two by now.

So what does a wedding photographer with the heart of a teacher look like?

They are someone who simply will stop to explain things to you. They are someone who can help you arrange your wedding day in the best way possible to capture all the moments that are important to you. A photographer with the heart of a teacher will take the time to help you look your best in your photos. You should leave every meeting or phone call feeling like you received some value and knowledge. If you feel more confused after talking to a photographer they may not be the right choice for you.

  1. Your Photographer Should Have A Heart To Serve!

A great wedding photographer is someone who’s there to make your day better. A friend of mine puts it this way — “We’re here so that Murphy’s Law isn’t.”

For those who are not familiar with Murphy’s Law it’s the concept that if it can go wrong it will go wrong.

That’s not a good vibe for a wedding day… That’s why we always try to travel with anything and everything that can help save the day. Here’s just a small list of the stuff we try to keep regularly stocked up.

  • Sowing kit & Safety Pins! (Someone’s dress will rip or someone’s pants will split. It’s just the way of the dance floor. Either way we got you covered.)

  • Bobby-pins! (There are about 1000 uses for bobby-pins. I use them for everything from setting a veil to marking loops on a bustle.)

  • Pocket Knife! (There’s always something that needs cut on a wedding day)

  • Bottle opener & lighter (We can open your beer, light up a smoke, and rock a sparkler exit.)

This is just our way of showing that we care. Every single wedding is special to us. Our goal is to make sure nothing gets in the way of making it special for you!

  1. You should click with your photographers style and personality

Great photos are easy a great personality… not so much… lol

Out of all your wedding vendors you will most likely spend the most time with your photographer. You want someone who you get along with. After all they will be following you around on the biggest day of your life. Lol

Here’s some key traits to keep an eye out for.

Your Photographer should:

  • Make you feel comfortable. (You want someone that can make you forget there’s a camera pointed at you.)

  • Get you excited about your wedding day. (There will be many down moments during your planning process. You’re gonna want at least one vendor in your corner cheering you on.)

  • Make you laugh. (Trust me this ones key. Laughs are the best smiles in photography.)

Now that we knocked out the basics of what an awesome wedding photographer is here’s some good questions to ask your photographer before you book them.

  1. In what ways do you best serve your clients? (This may catch some off guard but it will open up a window to see if they have A heart to serve their clients.)

  2. What is your approach to capturing wedding photos? (this will give you an idea of how they will interact with you on your wedding day.)

  3. Ask them about their personal life. (This will help you get a taste of their personality).

  • What do you like to do for fun?

  • How did you propose to your wife?

  • Do you have any kids and how old are they?

  1. Ask them about an issue you guys are having wedding planning. (This will reveal if they have the heart of a teacher that we talked about.)

Wedding photography unlike any other wedding related expense is something that you take with you. All your food, your flowers, your venue, your Decour; none of that Will live past the day. What lives on is the memories, and the photos. Picking a wedding photographer can feel nerve-racking, but if you just look at it like finding a new friend I can become quite easy.

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