5 Tips on How to Get Over Photo Insecurity

I want to share my personal journey from being insecure about being in photos to becoming confident in my own skin. I hope that someone who is struggling with this can gain something from this and find freedom too!

In this day and age, photos are everywhere and photos are better than ever. I think everyone is pretty aware about how everything is so photoshopped. Everything is filtered, perfectly lit with the photo's subject adorned in perfect make-up and clothes. The standard has been increased over time, and while growing up, I think that sunk into my mind and heart. I think most every woman can relate to not feeling comfortable in their own body and that something is always not right. Women often think that the perfect photo can never be attained.

This was me. Sometimes to the extreme and sometimes subtly. For me, it started small. At first I withdrew from having my photo taken. Then I started to avoid social photos all together. Then the time between a new profile picture or any type of social media got farther and father apart. I cringed at the idea of my photo taken and avoided it as much as I could.

If this sounds familiar, I completely understand. I had this pressure and expectation that I could not meet. It was part societal reality and partly my own expectations. It caused many moments to be lived in the moment, but also lost to time. There were photo regrets, such as my wedding. I received photos from a professional photographer but could hardly look at them because I felt ashamed.

So then my husband decided to become a photographer. Wow. What a combination, someone who fell in love with photography married to someone who didn't want any photos taken. This is where I began to be forced to face my insecurity and fear. This is where I started to see photography in a different light. I saw someone who loved photography. So after being so closed off towards photos, my heart started opening. I think this is one of the key steps. I had to start having a different perspective. I had to open my heart to the love & beauty of photography. It wasn't about something being beautiful because it was perfect, it was about taking the authentic moments and creating something beautiful through a photo.

As my husband's skills grew, so did his circle of friends. I became pregnant (talk about huge body changes and being even more uncomfortable!!) and I knew I wanted photos. One of his new friends offered to take some baby reveal photos. This was my first time having my photos taken by a professional with an open heart. It was the most amazing experience. He made me feel incredibly comfortable. It was one of the first times a photography experience did not have that uncomfortable feeling around it!

As time went on I witnessed my husband's passion and love grow and I think this really inspired me. I realize taking photos IS a skill. I may have not liked some of those photos because of the angle or the lighting. NOT because there was something wrong with me! I started to look at things just a little bit more technically than emotionally.

So at about 7 months pregnant. I actually asked my husband to take my maternity pictures. Yes, my largely pregnant and very uncomfortable self waddled outside to take some photos! And I had such an incredible time. I had fun knowing I could create something beatiful! I felt free. Nothing had changed physically about me to make me feel more beautiful, instead something changed inside me. So without further ado, here are those very photos below!

So what does this mean for you? Well here are 5 tips to getting through photo insecurity and approaching your next photo session in confidence!

  1. Open your heart to photography! You may have been feeling insecure for a long time. Now is the time to go into it with an open mind and a new perspective.

  2. Think creatively! Go with someone you love and find a really cool area to take some photos. Pick a fun outfit and just go and have fun.

  3. Look into tips and tricks of photography. What are some good poses? Do you understand lighting? Remember this isn't to make you look perfect, but it helps you look at it in a more practical way.

  4. Book a session with a professional photographer. But first talk with them and make sure they make you feel comfortable. This will help you to get a fresh perspective.

  5. Know that you will look back on these moments with fondness! Don't let memories become faded by time. Be excited to capture those precious moments.

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