Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Josh! 


I've been behind a camera for over 7 years. I started my experience behind the camera in broadcast video. I did freelance events and I worked at my local church Calvary Chapel ftl. A few years later I fell in love with photography. 


At the time I could not quite put my finger on why I loved it so much. As my passion and skill grew I realized I had always loved the ability to freeze a moment in time. I realized that something as little as a picture has the ability to save a moment. I saw that a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. A picture is worth a lifetime of memories. A little picture can truly capture a big moment.   


At Little Pics Photo that's exactly what we set out to do. I'm not interested in getting the perfect posed picture with amazing lighting. I want to capture truly authentic moments. My photos may never be award-winning, but they will capture truth. They will be something wierd, something quirky, something imperfect; but they will be a memory you savor.